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A Completely Different Approach

At Red Bow Realty, we take a consultative approach to real estate. Our agents are trained to ask thought-provoking, insightful questions of our clients to truly understand what is important to them about buying or selling a home. Questions a typical agent never thinks to ask.

We don’t want to drive a buyer around for days until he gives up and buys a house! This isn’t Business As Usual. This is a Completely Different Approach to real estate.

Sounds Good, Doesn’t It?

For many agents, this approach rings true. They know that understanding clients and truly caring about their real estate transaction is the difference between just a closing and a Customer for Life.

If this sounds good to you, join other like-minded real estate professionals, and trusted friends, at Red Bow Realty.

We Respect Our Agents

Our agents pay $50 per month and $400 per transaction. That’s it.

Enjoy feeling respected as a contributor, not treated as a number. Our agents pay NO ROYALTY FEES, NO BROKER ADMIN FEES, NO ANNUAL FEES, NO STAFF BONUS FEES. There’s NO COMMISSION SPLIT.

Feel the pride that comes from a job well done. Every year agents submit their production goals. Those that accomplish their goals earn a $250 bonus at the end of the year. Why? Because our culture supports agents; we don’t pit them against each other.

There’s No Place Better for New Agents

Your Employing Broker has been a trainer and instructor for over two decades and has years of experience mentoring new real estate agents. If you have fewer than five closed transactions under your belt, you’ll join the New Agent Mentoring program, complete with weekly meetings and assignments, monthly projects and access to fantastic coaching videos. It’s the real deal.

New Agent Mentoring has an additional cost — $200 per month – but it is so worth it! You’ll have a highly experienced mentor guiding you, teaching you the ropes and the contracts, so your confidence and production will soar!

Call or email us for more information about becoming a Red Bow Realty agent.

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